Volume 13, Number 2 (June 2022) BibTex

  • pp. 1-22 (DOI:/10.22667/JOWUA.2022.06.30.001)
  • Partial Paving Strategy: Application to optimize the Area Coverage Problem
    in Mobile Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Adda Boualem, Cyril De Runz, and Marwane Ayaida
  • pp. 23-67 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2022.06.30.023) 
    Mechanisms of Authentication toward Habitude Pattern Lock and ECG: An overview
  • Jose-Luis Cabra, Carlos Parra, Diego Mendez, and Luis Trujillo
  • [Abstract]
  • pp. 68-95 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2022.06.30.068)
    Multi-Channel Subset Iteration with Minimal Loss in Available Capacity (MC-SIMLAC) Algorithm
    for Joint Forecasting-Scheduling in the Internet of Things
  • Arif Kerem Dayı, Volkan Rodoplu, Mert Nakip, Buse Pehlivan, and Cüneyt Güzeliş
  • pp. 96-127 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2022.06.30.096)
    Blind software-assisted conformance and security assessment of FIDO2/WebAuthn implementations
  • Athanasios Vasileios Grammatopoulos, Ilias Politis, and Christos Xenakis
  • pp. 128-146 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2022.06.30.128)
    Hunting cyberattacks: experience from the real backbone network
    Mikołaj Komisarek, Marek Pawlicki, Mikołaj Kowalski, Adrian Marzecki, Rafał Kozik, and Michał Choraś
  • pp. 147-182 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2022.06.30.147)
    The supply chain of a Living Lab: Modelling security, privacy, and vulnerability issues alongside
    with their impact and potential mitigation strategies

    Kitty Kioskli, Daniele Dellagiacoma, Theofanis Fotis, and Haralambos Mouratidis

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