Volume 12, Number 1 (March 2021) BibTex

  • pp. 1-2 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2021.03.31.001)
  • Guest Editorial: The ARES-Workshops 2020
  • Peter Kieseberg and Simon Tjoa
  • pp. 3-19 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2021.03.31.003) 
    Machine Learning Based Approach to Anomaly and Cyberattack Detection in Streamed Network Traffic Data
  • Mikołaj Komisarek, Marek Pawlicki, Rafał Kozik, and Michał Choraś 
  • [Abstract]
  • pp. 20-43 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2021.03.31.020)
    Detecting Network Covert Channels using Machine Learning, Data Mining and Hierarchical Organisation of Frequent Sets
  • Piotr Nowakowski, Piotr Żórawski, Krzysztof Cabaj, and Wojciech Mazurczyk
  • pp. 44-63 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2021.03.31.044)
    Dynamic Mobile Malware Detection through System Call-based Image representation
    Rosangela Casolare, Carlo De Dominicis, Giacomo Iadarola, Fabio Martinelli, Francesco Mercaldo, and Antonella Santone
  • pp. 64-84 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2021.03.31.064)
    Universal Identity and Access Management Framework
    Daniela Pöhn and Wolfgang Hommel
  • pp. 85-110 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2021.03.31.085)
    Blockchain Mirage or Silver Bullet?
    A Requirements-driven Comparative Analysis of Business and Developers' Perceptions in the Accountancy Domain

    Claudia Negri Ribalta, Marius Lombard-Platet, Camille Salinesi, and Pascal Lafourcade
  • pp. 111-131 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2021.03.31.111)
    Conflict Identification and Resolution for Trust-Related Requirements Elicitation A Goal Modeling Approach
    Angela Borchert and Maritta Heisel