Volume 11, Number 2 (June 2020) BibTex

Special Issue on Intelligent Distributed Computing

Regular Papers

  • pp.74-86 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2020.06.30.074)
    Wildcarded Identity-Based Encryption with Constant-size Ciphertext and Secret Key
    Dung Hoang Duong, Willy Susilo, and Viet Cuong Trinh
  • pp.87-105 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2020.06.30.087)
    On the Optimality of Route Selection in Grid Wireless Sensor Networks:
    Theory and Applications

    Yaser Khamayseh, Wail Mardini, Monther Aldwairi, and Hussein Mouftah
  • pp.106-125 (DOI:10.22667/JOWUA.2020.06.30.106)
    Packet Probing Study to Assess Sustainability in Available Bandwidth Measurements:
    Case of High-Speed Cellular Networks
    Al-Hussein Hameed Jasim, Niclas Ă–gren, Dimitar Minovski, and Karl Andersson