Volume 7, Number 1 (March 2016) BibTex

  • pp. 1-22 (10.22670/JOWUA.2016.03.31.001)
  • A Pairing-Free, One Round Identity Based Authenticated Key Exchange Protocol Secure Against Memory-Scrapers
  • Suvradip Chakraborty, Srinivasan Raghuraman, and C. Pandu Rangan
  • pp. 23-38 (10.22670/JOWUA.2016.03.31.023)
  • Optimal Relay Node Selection in Two-Hop Routing for Intermittently Connected MANETs
  • Tomotaka Kimura and Chinthaka Premachandra
  • pp. 39-57 (10.22670/JOWUA.2016.03.31.039)
  • Using Visualizations to Enhance Users' Understanding of App Activities on Android Devices
    Chika Eze, Jason R. C. Nurse, and Jassim Happa 
  • [Abstract]
  • pp. 58-78 (10.22670/JOWUA.2016.03.31.058)
  • Technique of Data Visualization: Example of Network Topology Display for Security Monitoring
    Maxim Kolomeec, Andrey Chechulin, Anton Pronoza, and Igor Kotenko
  • pp. 79-96 (10.22670/JOWUA.2016.03.31.079)
  • A Systematic Approach for Attack Analysis and Mitigation in V2V Networks
    Bharat Bhargava, Amber M. Johnson, Gisele Izera Munyengabe, and Pelin Angin
  • pp. 97-117 (10.22670/JOWUA.2016.03.31.097)
    Threats from Inside: Dynamic Utility (Mis)Alignments in an Agent based Model
    William Casey, Jose Andre Morales, and Bud Mishra

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