Volume 6, Number 1 (March 2015) BibTex

  • pp. 1-3 (10.22670/JOWUA.2015.03.31.001)
  • Guest Editorial: Smart Things, Big Data Technology and Ubiquitous Computing solutions for the future Internet of Things
  • Antonio F. Skarmeta, M. Victoria Moreno, and Antonio Iera

  • pp. 4-23 (10.22670/JOWUA.2015.03.31.004)
  • An IoT based reference architecture for smart water management processes
  • Tomás Robles, Ramón Alcarria, Diego Martín, Mariano Navarro, Rodrigo Calero, Sofía Iglesias, and Manuel López 
  • pp. 24-36 (10.22670/JOWUA.2015.03.31.024)
  • Testing a Commercial Sensor Platform for Wideband Applications based on the 802.15.4 standard
    David Guillén Jiménez and Franck Le Gall
  • [Abstract]
  • pp. 37-55 (10.22670/JOWUA.2015.03.31.037)
  • Augmented Reality Enabled IoT Services for Environmental Monitoring Utilising Serious Gaming Concept
    Boris Pokrić, Srđjan Krčo, Dejan Drajić, Maja Pokrić, Vladimir Rajs, Živorad Mihajlović, Petar Knežević, and Dejan Jovanović
  • pp. 56-73 (10.22670/JOWUA.2015.03.31.056)
  • Integrating the EPCIS and Building Automation System into the Internet of Things: a Lightweight and Interoperable Approach
    Nam Ky Giang, Janggwan Im, Daeyoung Kim, Markus Jung, and Wolfgang Kastner
  • pp. 74-97 (10.22670/JOWUA.2015.03.31.074)
  • Conserving Energy Through Neural Prediction of Sensed Data
    Siamak Aram, Ikramullah Khosa, and Eros Pasero

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