Volume 1, Number 2/3 (September 2010) BibTex
Advances in Wireless Mobile and Sensor Technologies
  • pp. 1-2 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.001)
    Guest Editorial: Advances in Wireless Mobile and Sensor Technologies
    Jong-Hyouk Lee and Fumio Teraoka

  • pp. 3-15 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.003)
    Locator ID Separation for Mobility Management in the New Generation Network
    Ved P. Kafle and Masugi Inoue

  • pp. 16-35 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.016)
    Network-based Localized IP mobility Management: Proxy Mobile IPv6 and Current Trends in Standardization
    Carlos J. Bernardos, Marco Gramaglia, Luis M. Contreras, Maria Calderon, and Ignacio Soto

  • pp. 36-51 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.036)
    Context Reflector for Proxy Mobile IPv6
    Sawako Kiriyama, Ryuji Wakikawa, Jinwei Xia, and Fumio Teraoka

  • pp. 52-70 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.052)
    N-NEMO: A Comprehensive Network Mobility Solution in Proxy Mobile IPv6 Network
    Zhiwei Yan, Huachun Zhou, and Ilsun You

  • pp. 71-82 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.071)
    Handoff in Radio over Fiber Indoor Networks at 60 GHz
    Van Quang Bien, R. Venkatesha Prasad, and Ignas Niemegeers

  • pp. 83-95 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.083)
    Aggregate Human Mobility Modeling Using Principal Component Analysis
    Jingbo Sun, Yue Wang, Hongbo Si, Jian Yuan, and Xiuming Shan

  • pp. 96-106 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.096)
    A Greedy Algorithm for Target Coverage Scheduling in Directional Sensor Networks
    Youn-Hee Han, Chan-Myung Kim, and Joon-Min Gil

  • pp. 107-122 (10.22670/JOWUA.2010.09.31.107)
    An Initial Approach to Support Mobility in Hospital Wireless Sensor Networks based on 6LoWPAN (HWSN6)
    Antonio J. Jara, Miguel A. Zamora, and Antonio F. G. Skarmeta

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