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Special Issue on Insider threat – “Insider Threat Solutions: Moving from Concept to Reality”

As society has embraced technology and systems to promote services, trade and ubiquitous communication, it has also inadvertently exposed itself to a plethora of security risks. One of the most significant of these risks is that of insider threat, where privileged insiders (be they employees or trusted third-parties) within an enterprise intentionally or inadvertently cause harm their organisations. While the topic of insider threat has been examined and researched for decades, the problem still persists, and some would even argue that it is becoming worse. Could this be the result of a disconnect between approaches and solutions being researched and those that are (or can be) actually implemented? In this special issue titled, “Insider Threat Solutions: Moving from Concept to Reality”, we focus on novel methods and systems to tackle insider threat which also provide a clear path for how they can be deployed in organisations. Our aim is to help bridge the gap between research concepts and the reality that businesses face day-to-day as they seek to prevent, detect and respond to insider attacks.

Topics (but not limited to):

- Insider threat assessment and modelling

- Security and cryptography technologies to prevent, detect and predict insider threats

- Cryptographic protocols against insider threats and their use

- Post-insider threat incident analysis

- Data breach modelling and mitigation techniques

- Information security management systems

- Risk assessment and management

- Log collection and analysis

- IT compliance (audit)

- Continuous auditing

- Validating the trustworthiness of staff

- Understanding the psychology traits of insider threats

- Insider threats and new technologies (e.g., IoT)

Guest Editors:

Jason R.C. Nurse (Oxford University, UK)

Elisa Bertino (Purdue University, USA)


- Submission deadline: December 31, 2016

- Final acceptance notification: February 17, 2017

- Camera ready version deadline: February 28, 2017

- Publication: March 2017


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